What’s Happening at Monsoon – 2022

At Monsoon, we have chosen to start 2022 with a delicious “Mumbaiya Pav Bhaji” and with a wish for togetherness & love.

Mumbai is a city known for its exuberantly lit streets and distinctive roadside street food. What makes street food so special is that it works like glue binding everyone together, big or small all stop to cherish their favourite street snack. Pav Bhaji is one of these street foods that stays at the heart of the Mumbaiya experience. If you are new to Pav Bhaji, let us give you an overview:

Pav is the buttered, crispy bread roll and Bhaji is a melange of crushed vegetables cooked in butter and special Pav Bhaji Masala. A perfect dish if you are looking for something light, healthy yet satisfying. Surprise your loved ones with an amazing street-food experience.

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Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Here at Monsoon, we are truly thankful and blessed to have had the privilege of serving authentic Indian taste in Ireland for more than 25 years, bringing original curries from all Indian regions. Our philosophy is to give you a full-fledged Indian experience in the heart of Ireland.

With this pursuit in mind recently, we have added new dishes with distinct flavours, so you can enjoy more vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We sincerely hope that even with our dine-in closed, you can make wonderful memories with your loved ones that you can look back and smile.

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Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

India loves cricket. Everyone knows how serious we are about the game since we can’t help it, many of us spend hours-on-end glued to television screens, making sure not to miss a single moment. Cricket matches in India are like grand feasts to the eyes and mind, creating a unique culture and food plays an important part in this cultural value. This led us naturally to sponsor local cricket in Dublin. It’s one of those things you do for love.

See these happy faces?

A game comes up and the entire staff wants to be in the cricket ground.


Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Let us guess. Are you nostalgic about a curry that is savoury and rich?

…..Bringing into the limelight “Paneer Methi Mali” from Punjab, it has a  delicious and decadent sauce, which has the sweetness of the cottage cheese and milk, delicately balanced in with the hint of sourness and spice of fenugreek leaves. An outstanding curry to have for dinner in the ease and comfort of your home.

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Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

The aroma of crisp potato cubes sprinkled with freshly crushed cumin is pure bliss as the body reacts with an almost yearning hunger. Jeera Aloo is our all-time favourite. It is simple but full of zing; the soothing golden colour of crispy fried potatoes is a treat for the eyes. But what adds that tantalizing flavour is the magical ingredient called cumin, also known as Jeera. Cumin gives the potatoes a slightly sweet, warming taste with a nutty flavour.

Savour the Indian flavour in the warmth and comfort of your home. How about Jeera Aloo today,  in front of your fireplace?



Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Cricket is not just a game, it brings back the nostalgia of being together. It rewinds the hype, the raw emotion of sitting in front of the television, nervously watching your team chase the score. It is one thing that stays constant with us at every age. Cricket is a mood, a vibe that we share with our neighbours, schoolmates, family, friends and even colleagues.

Our team is big cricket enthusiast hence sponsoring Irish cricket came naturally. We have joined hands with the @ Irish civil service club, supporting our teams and enjoying every bit of their game.

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Samosa, a crisp street starter is a quintessential Indian delicacy. In Mumbai, you can rarely find a corner without a samosa and chai (tea) stall. Each region has its own unique recipe for this beloved snack, but the most common is the samosa pastry filled with spiced mashed potatoes, sometimes flavoured with chopped onions and coriander served with delicious zingy tamarind chutney.

Our samosa recipe combines a little of everything. Our house-made pastry is filled with traditional potato filling, served over a bed of spiced chickpeas. We finish it with tangy tamarind and spicy mint chutneys, with a sprinkle of sev.

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

The success or failure of a company can depend a lot on how good the staff are. We feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful team, especially how well they believe in what we stand for. One of those incredible human beings is Monish.

He hails from the backwaters of Kerala in India, known for its serene atmosphere and mesmerising sights. He puts his love in everything from answering customers inquiries quickly to responding to complaints politely, relishing every experience and moment of life. No matter big or small, for him all that life gives is valuable.