Our Team


Serving broad smiles and outstanding solutions for over 20 years, our friendly neighbourhood restaurant manager Arun wears many hats at Monsoon. A firm believer of the night went Indian adage 'Atithi Devo Bhava' (The Guest is God), he is always on the lookout for ways to make your experience at Monsoon a truly memorable one


Our head chef Alok, has more than one string to his bow, that's why We call him our Progressive Brahmin & Ayurvedic Yogi. Chef Alok has mastered the Indian cuisine having worked as the head chef at Jaipur Dalkey and Chakra Greystones, before partnering with Arun. He also worked as chef de cuisine in five-star hotels in India.


Chef Ishwinder is extremely creative with food and is the brains behind all our specials. He loves to explore new flavours and never fails to surprise us with his creations. We are lucky to have a team of gems who put in so much hard work to create amazing Indian food that our customers love.


Meet Chef Vivek, Our the man who can work magic with Curry and Tandoor (traditional clay oven). His calm demeanor and jovial attitude together with his culinary experience make him an excellent addition to the team!


Jay is the one of the sweetest chaps on the team who is committed to providing excellent service to Monsoon guests. He loves bollywood music and is the one to credit for our restaurant playlist.


Monish hails from the backwaters of Kerala in India, known for its serene atmosphere and mesmerising sights. He has a knack for implementing new design ideas in the restaurant and is our in-house social media whiz!