Best Indian dishes in 2022 Monsoon Stillorgan, Dublin

Best Indian dishes at Monsoon Stillorgan this 2022

The best way to experience India is by exploring its Best Indian food which is much more than your local Indian takeaway. Indian food carries the impression of geography, local custom, tradition, beliefs and religious ideology.  A curry can tell which part of India it comes from, why it is the way it is, making it the best Indian curry. 

Spice is a crucial part of Indian cooking. Spices can transform the simplest of food into a delicious gastronomic experience. From Goan chillies to cumin flavoured curries from Gujrat and Rajasthan, each spice when used in the right combination can create magic. 

So forget “Tikka Masala and Kormas” here is a list of “The 15 Best Indian curries from us to try in 2022”.

Butter Chicken

Best Indian Dishes at Monsoon Dublin

Butter Chicken is a tangy and spicy chicken curry that is decadent and full of flavour. It is a typical North Indian dish with roots in “Moti Mahal restaurant ” (Daryaganj, Delhi). But there are many stories as many have claimed to have created this landmark dish. We at Monsoon try to recreate those same ago old flavours with commitment so when you order Butter Chicken from us, you could enjoy the tradition and passion that has made this dish the Iconic dish of India.


Mango Prawn

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Our Mango Prawn Curry is a long-established dish from Kerala, “it has the delicious flavour of ripe mangoes and prawns cooked in creamy coconut Velouté – the mangoes are the highlight of this dish as they add such a distinctive and tangy flavour to it. This dish will add a little sunshine to your day, no matter what the time of year.

Idli With Sambar

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Idli and Sambar are the combinations meant for each other. A well-known delicacy served on South-Indian breakfast tables as families unite; it has its origins embedded in Indonesian cuisine too. The word Idli is derived from the Indonesian ‘Kidli’ for similar steamed cakes. Given the links between south Asian traders and rulers, the recipe has now become a permanent part of traditional south-Indian cuisine.

Idli, the soft steamed rice cakes are served with our special, house-made sambar. Sambar is a curry made with fresh lentils and fresh vegetables; a handful of aromatic spices and herbs makes this lentil-veggie curry extra savoury. Adding more bounty to this south-Indian pleasure is our enticing coconut chutney.

Goan Meatball Curry

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

One of our treasured memories in India is the moreish taste of the famous Goan Sauce. Goan cuisine belongs to the picturesque south-western Indian coastal state of Goa. Goa is known for its romantic views of the endless expanse of the Arabian Sea, its crystal-clear beaches, beautiful villages that dot the landscape, glorious sunsets and its delicious Goan food, making it one of the best Indian dishes.

Our Goan Meat Ball curry bears the character of this lovely place, it’s full of wonderful spiced flavour, in a creamy coconut sauce with a slight tang from the Vinegar.


Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

South Indian cuisine has so much variety when it comes to pancakes. One of them is the ultra-famous, also a loved-street food bread called ‘Dosa’. These are incredibly smooth; crepe-like bread made with fermented lentil and rice batter and served with tasty Sambar curries, coconut chutneys, and Indian pickles. 

In traditional south Indian cuisine, dosa has been one of the oldest recipes and has been a common part of the south Indian diet for centuries. According to historians, dosa was consumed even in the ancient Tamil country around the 1st century AD. Originally the Tamil word known as the Dosai or Thosai, it was Anglicized to ‘Dosa’ by British Invaders. Today, it keeps its place as the most popular crepes, making it one of the highly sought-after Indian delicacies around the world. Served in various forms, it has evolved to gigantic sizes and is now commonly fused with European and Chinese dishes. 

Malai Kofta

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Delicious Koftas dunked in an aromatic and savoury curry. The Malai koftas are prepared with mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, chopped cashew nuts and golden raisins mixed in tons of fragrant spice, then shaped into balls and fried in hot oil. These are served with our flavorful veg curry prepared with utmost love and selected ingredients to amplify the kofta experience!


Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

A Delicious and healthy Keralan dish made from shredded or finely chopped vegetables which are stir-fried with grated coconut.  Vegan beloved, ‘Veg Thoran’ a true substitute for deliciousness! It combines the most flavorful and fresh ingredients like beans, chopped carrots and cabbage, sauteed in the fragrant and spicy coconut mix and aromatic curry leaves.

Nilgiri Chicken

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Nilgiri, which means the ‘blue mountain’ is a charming mountain range in western Ghats of south India. Inspired by the soul of the breathtaking beauty of the Nilgiri mountains, we present to you ‘Nilgiri Chicken’.

This delicious dish has morsels of chicken stewed in a thick home-made green pesto infused with coconut milk and aromatic spices, creating a luscious gravy that symbolises the beauty and spice of the highlands of south India.

Vegan Vegetable Korma

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Veg Korma is every vegan’s dream dish. This savoury and colourful curry has a rich and creamy sauce, prepared with tempered spices and freshly chopped veggies. In south India, Veg korma is a staple curry, cherished on family tables usually served on a thali with other south-Indian components. The best thing about veg korma is that it’s a wholesome and comforting dish even for a meat lover.

Chilli Chicken

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

You will find the best chilli chicken at small street-side restaurants all over India.

This indo-Chinese dish is batter-fried crisp chicken, sauteed with caramelised bell peppers, soy, spring onions, lots of ginger, garlic and seasoning.

The most popular version of Chilli Chicken is the dry one, but few prefer it with some gravy. If you love Indian and Chinese food, you cannot miss this absolute favourite Chilli Chicken., 

Keema Matar

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Keema Matar is a semi-dry dish of minced lamb (Keema) cooked with petits pois and garam masala.

Keema is a versatile dish it’s eaten as a starter, main or snack. In India, it’s often used as the main ingredient to many dishes, sometimes as an ingenuous stuffings in paranthas (Indian flatbread) to famous kebabs sold as a street dish and cooked on Tawa (a large iron griddle) with well distinguishable taka-tak sound.

Pav Bhaji

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Nothing can be more irresistible and popular in Indian cuisine than Pav Bhaji. It belongs to the western state of Maharashtra and is typically called the king of street foods and best of the best Indian dished to be had.

The Pav is our house-made Indian bread that is lightly tossed with butter. Bhaji is the curry made with tempered vegetables and an array of spices and herbs, all mashed and tempered together to create a heavenly mix. You can’t miss this excellent street food that will take you back to India with just one bite!

Chole Bhature

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

The Indian Subcontinent, a place where street food snacks are a semblance of its diverse culture and sustenance, has produced some of the landmark dishes, Chole Bhature is one of them, it is a north-Indian delicacy; culinary emblems for local families have always been the favourites for breakfast. 

Bhature is puffy fried bread made with flour and Semolina. A thin layer of oval-shaped bread is thrown in a gigantic wok of hot oil that instantly inflates, turning into crispy, flatbread. ‘Chole’ is a word used for ‘chickpeas’ but these are the spicy and savoury versions created with Chana Masala. These two are commonly served with pickled onions or mango pickles and fresh yoghurt or Lassi (Yogurt-Drink).

Pollachi Meen

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

Pollachi Meen or Pan-seared Sea bream which is cooked in juice galore onion tomato gravy which with tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds, this is served with delicious tomato rice

 This three-combo dish is not just full of nutrients but contains extraordinarily exotic flavours that will take you back to our Indian beaches and coastal areas where delicacies like these are often served. It is a complete Indian meal full of colours, textures and flavours you would not be able to find around Ireland!

Tarka Broccoli

Monsoon Indian Restaurant & Indian Takeaway Stillorgan

“Tarka Broccoli” is our take on creating a light and healthy dish packing multiple vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Heart-healthy florets of broccoli are blanched in salted boiling water and then sautéed in rapeseed oil with black seeds, chopped garlic, onions along with asparagus, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes and seasoning.

The taste of Tarka broccoli is simply divine.

At Monsoon, we work tirelessly to choose the right ingredients that are cooked fresh with our authentic recipes. From starters to curries, our meals crafted with love and served with care contribute to an experience you will never forget.

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